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Mesh Washer
Mesh Washers


The Mesh Washer secures steel mesh to pre-installed rock bolts. The Mesh Washer is supplied in various sizes to accommodate different bar diameters and thread specifications. The Mesh Washer is pushed onto the rockbolt providing immediate support upon installation. The installation of the unit is performed using an adapter for mechanized equipment or a hand held installation tool.


Benefits of the Mesh Washer

  • Repeatable overlapping of mesh without installing additional bolts
  • Installation over corroded and damaged thread
  • Faster installation times than conventional methods with secondary washers and nuts
  • Retro fit mesh in back areas

Mesh Washer performance specifications

  • Dynamic and quasi-static testing has been performed on the Mesh Washer. Please enquire for test reports


Hydrabolt Bush
Bush for use with Hydrabolt Bush Mesh Washer
Mesh Washer
Mesh Washer
Mesh Washer