Dual FOGLight

Dual FOGLight
Dual FOGLight


The FOGLight (Fall Of Ground) indicator is an early warning device designed to detect and warn mining crews of separation in the rock above, helping to prevent losses and providing a safer work environment underground. The FOGLight is simple to install and manufactured from tough materials.

Dual Mechanical and LED indication

The Dual Mode FOGLight includes the LED functionality of the standard version but includes a second and independent mechanically activated trigger. The Dual FOGLight is manufactured with a reflective green assembly around the housing of the FOGLight which is designed to disengage from the FOGLight and fall away at the pre-set trigger displacement. This then exposes the housing of the FOGLight which is in reflective Amber and provides a distinct visual warning that the unit has detected excessive hanging wall movement. The Dual FOGLight is suited to excavations with a longer life span as the mechanical system provides a fail-safe in the event that the batteries powering the LED system should drain.


Activated Dual FOGLight


Disengaging Dual FOGLight ring

Disengaging green assembly

Triggered Dual FOGLight


Advantages of FOGLights

  • Simple to install
  • Highly visible
  • Available with single and dual indication
  • Cannot be reset once triggered
  • 6 month battery life guaranteed
  • Available in various lengths and displacement settings


Activated Dual FOGLight underground

Activated FOGLight with Dual Mechanical and LED indication

Triggered Dual FOGLight underground

Triggered FOGLight with Dual Mechanical and LED indication