Kiruna Bolt

Kiruna Bolt


The Kiruna Bolt is a push in, end anchored yielding bolt. This bolt is pushed into a pre-grouted hole of the correct length. The end anchor is activated by a percussive load applied to the nut when the bolt has bottomed out at the end of the hole.

The nut is then rotated to give up to a 35kN pre-load through the mesh onto the surface of the excavation. The unit can be provided with a collapsible load indicator to confirm correct tensioning of the unit when installing. The Kiruna Bolt can be supplied in 16mm, 18mm or 20mm bar depending on requirements. The unit has an elongation of 23% in static conditions and 15% under dynamic loading.

  • Pushed into a pre-grouted hole
  • High yield ability
  • High energy absorption
  • Immediate support
  • Pre-tensionable


Basic Product Specification / Operating Ranges

Dimensional Specifications Ø16 Ø18 Ø20
Bar diameter Ø16.3mm, DIN 405 RD 18 Ø18.3mm, DIN 405 RD 20 Ø20.3mm, DIN 405 RD 22
Length of bolt 1.0m to 3.0m 1.0m to 3.0m 1.0m to 3.0m
Typical length of thread (adjustable) 150mm 150mm 150mm
Bolt Specifications Ø16 Ø18 Ø20
Yield strength typical 500MPa 500MPa 500MPa
Yield load typical 100kN 125kN 155kN
Ultimate tensile load typical 140kN 170kN 220kN
Elongation* Ø16 Ø18 Ø20
Average 26.13% 26.13% 26.13%
Standard deviation 2.17% 2.17% 2.17%
Guaranteed static 15% to 30% 15% to 30% 15% to 30%
*Tested as per SANS 6892-1:2010 (Ed. 1.00)


Kiruna Bolt
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