Usage Description

The T-Stick is a Safe Area Demarcation Device intended to indicate to mine workers areas within a mine excavation that are safe to work in, particularly in areas where mechanised machinery is in operation such as Continuous Miners and Shuttle cars.

For this purpose the sticks are installed on the hanging wall, adjacent to a working face or the operating area of employees such as Cable Handlers and Continous Miner Operators to provide improved visibility and warning to operators of machinery.


The T-Stick comprises an attachment point for connection to installed rockbolts from which it is suspended, a tubular body wrapped in reflective tape, two separate high visibility LEDs positioned along the length of the unit together with industry standard warning signs.

The upper light and warning sign combination provides visibility for the operators of machinery and the lower combination provides warning for pedestrians.

Once activated, the active lighting flashes every second for a period of 150milliseconds with an expected battery life of 3 months minimum.

Once assembled the units are 3m in length and are supplied in two connectable sections for ease of handling underground.

Units are intrinsically safe for hazardous and fiery environments.